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America’s First Pizza ATM Opens at Xavier University

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America’s First Pizza ATM Opens at Xavier University

Xavier University is winning the hearts of campus pizza lovers with a recent addition to a residence hall.
Open 24/7, Pizza ATM dispenses fresh pizza to hungry students within three minutes of ordering. The 12-inch pies cost $9 to $10, depending on toppings. The vending machine holds 70 pizzas at a time.

Late-night pizza is as much a staple of college life as classes, dorms and exams. But fresh pizza in the middle of the night isn’t always easy to find.

The pizza ATM is an invention of a French company and cost of the machine is $55,000.

pizzaatm3,how it worksHow it works:

  • Pizzas are made by the dining staff who stock the pizza’s in to ATM and if the preferences are there then to the vending machine also.
  • 70 Pizza can be stored to the machine at a time.
  • When someone purchases pizza by swiping his card, instead of having a reheated or lukewarm pizza, it’s heated in the pizza ATM at 475 degree and within about “3 minutes”. He can have his meal or late night snack.
  • ATM provides an option of selecting type of pizza anyone wants.
  • It takes the pizza they want from refrigerated compartment and lifts it into a convection oven.
  • ATM is delivering its 12 inch pizza for 9 -10 dollar each.

As per Xavier University, feedback from students about the quality, taste and price are wonderful. Students are happy specially with the late night addition.

University officials say the quality of the machine-made pizzas will not differ from dining hall pizzas — they are still hand-prepped by staff in the Xavier dining hall, which has won two national awards for its food in the past three years. But instead of the pizza being cooked by staff, it’s heated up in the machine at 475 degrees.


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