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Great features of iPhone 7 and iOS 10 revealed

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Great features of iPhone 7 and iOS 10 revealed

As the 7th September is getting closer, news and rumor about features of the new iphone 7 is providing raw material for many discussions and debates around the globe. We will gather all such news and will keep updating throughout the time everyone is waiting for the phone to be launch.

Let’s take a look at some of updates about iphone surfaced recently:

According to Ming-chi kuo of KGI securities iphone 7 will include one very useful feature. iphone 7 will have 4 Led flash lights –two in cool color and two in warm color and will also have an ambient light sensor. As we know that despite being praised for its quality iphone 6s camera still struggles to take good photos in low-light situations. Theoretically this addition should improve picture quality. But additionally one thing is unclear that this feature will available with iphone 7 only or with iphone 7 plus too. As iphone 7 plus is already having a dual lens camera.

Reason for the Apple to improve its photography capability is the strong competition coming from rivals such as Samsung, SONY etc.

iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus will come with an aluminum body same as iphone 6s came with. Along with this a video by a French tech site shows that white plastic antenna line across the back of the phone will be removed. It could be a risky move as the last time when Apple messed with its antennas things didn’t end well.

An Italian website HDblog suggests that iphone 7 plus will feature 256 GB storage. The site also shows a 256GB SanDisk NAND flash memory chip that could be a perfect one for the next generation smart phone.

Report of Apple’s working on waterproof smart phone has also made news which will add a new advantage to the Iphone.

As it has been told us that Apple will unveil amazing features and updates in iOS 10.

Revamved widgets

Some changes user will get with iOS 10 are:

  • New notification- A feature called “Rich notification” will be there that allows greater interaction with app notification from the lock screen.
  • Revamped widgets-Apple has removed widgets from notification bar and switched them to the lock screen.
  • iMessage overhaul-User can now watch videos directly within iMessage. Users can have more fun with options like Balloon animation, Hand written notes, gif libraries and ‘invisible link’ (including hidden and self erasing messages).
  • New Home App, along with this Apple Map, Apple Music, Clock, notes, Apple News has been updated.
  • Differential Privacy-Apple gives a great attention toward Privacy in iOS 10.Along with more on device processing of things like photos, memories, Differential Privacy actively tracks users habits to better anticipate user needs.


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