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Samsung recalls its flagship device Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Samsung recalls its flagship device Samsung  Galaxy Note 7 as the case of Phone explosion reached up to 35 phones worldwide.

Samsung, after remaining on top for last three month as world’s biggest selling smart phone maker, has seen an embarrassing setback. With the decision of calling back it’s flagship device, just after one month of its launch. The time of the incident is very embarrassing specially when one of its major rival Apple is set to launch its new smart phone next week.
The Galaxy note 7 is the latest version of Samsung series of so called Phablets-smart phone with significantly large screen.
The giant South Korean company has said in his statement on Friday that it has found 24 phones with problem with every million of phones it sold. Samsung had the biggest share (22%) of global smart phone market in the last three month, while Apple has (12%) only.
Samsung says that it has discovered problem with the cell of the phone. Explosion of smart phones do makes a news oftenly as the material used in batteries is of lithium with is a flammable material.

Altough the phone was very well received by the reviewers, drawing attention of users because of its unique features such as an Iris scanner, which allows users to unlock the phone with their eyes.
Users, who had already bought the phone need not to worry as Samsung has said that customers who had bought the phones will be able to swap it with the new one. The firm also said that it would take about two weeks to prepare replacement devices.

The most recent news says Samsung has also stopped selling this Flagship phone in throughout the world over this issue and currently its seeking to replace the devices first before re-launching this phone again.

Calling of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will work as an appreciation for Apple to launch its new smart phone. A rivalry in global market is in the terms of what one can offer to market and users and as the offerings goes better, market responds accordingly. Lets’s see how Apple takes it in their launching of new smart phone as well as other players in the market too.

Here is a user provided picture of exploded Galaxy Note 7


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