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Smart Multi Clipboard Manager(SMC) with new updates; Coming soon

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After celebrating the success of it’s first android app Smart Multi Clipboard, CV infotech is ready to surprise it’s users once again. SMC has been a huge success as the users has appreciated our efforts whole heartedly. With time and with the growing need of users, SMC also needs to evolve faster so as to be with users and make it worth using the app. For that reason our developers has equipped SMC with one of the best features, not easily available with other apps.

Since the launch day of SMC, we have got a variety of response from our users. We have gone through nearly all of them, those important and valuable ideas, suggestions and feedback. We also tried our best to implement the constructive ideas so as to enhance the capacity of our app.

After all such countless efforts, finally we are ready to update the app. 


Let us introduce you with the updates. They are :

  1. Web Sync : This is all new feature introduced with the latest update of SMC, Now all your Notes/Clipboard will be synchronized with all of your connected devices (like: your personal mobile, tablet) and on SMC Web account(Hold on, We are introducing this new feature below). 
  1. Web Account: SMC has launched a new web app for you to easily manage your clippings and notes. Now you can login with your personal account and access your Notes/Clipboard on SMC web app at www.smartmulticlipboard.com. You need to login with the same user that you are logged in in your mobile devices.   
  1. Synchronization: When you copy any text or create notes on your mobile, SMC app synchronizes these with the web app and so with all of your devices that you are logged in with same account. With this feature, SMC app will let you access same copies through all of your devices (Connected with same account), and also on SMC Web App.
  1. Trash: SMC app now support trash feature, where deleted notes will be available in trash for 30 days, you can restore or delete items from trash anytime you want in this duration.

Although these updates will be there in next few days , some others are in queue too-

  1. 1.Built in Lock functionality in app.
  1. 2.Customizable OTP Reader.
  2. 3. Folders in Direct Paste Window.

 One thing which is important for us here is one to one contact with the users. We highly appreciate your reviews, reports about the app, feedback and suggestions through email or App reviews.

Hope to see you all in the comment and review section of the app soon…