Home Business An entrepreneur who knows to make things his own way despite a number of odds- Vijay Shekhar Sharma

An entrepreneur who knows to make things his own way despite a number of odds- Vijay Shekhar Sharma

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           “All is in the only way to win”- Vijay Shekhar Sharma founder of Paytm.

The man who owns a company of worth $3 billion started his struggle with 10rs in his pocket. The success he tasted was hard way to follow but he made this with a smile on face. None of the things he achieved came easy for him.

Early stage of life

At the age of 14 he passed his higher secondary. He was the topper of the school. But the challenge was in waiting for him and this came during the transition period from school to delhi college. Vijay didn’t know how to read english. The family from which he belongs to was very humble. His father being a school teacher had refused to earn extra from tuitions. He realised that english is very important if he wants to make it through college. He started learning english from second hand magazines, books and from the help of his friends.

He used to read two books. One in hindi first then he followed the same book in english. The challenge was not so easy that he has to fight the struggles of engineering college and his own struggle with english. He decided to build the entrepreneur in him by utilizing the time he had from not attending the classes in college. He has the habit of challenging the unknown. So he made internet his laboratory.


As an entrepreneur

He aspired to go to stanford but the financial situation was not that strong. He started learning code by emulating the genius of the stanford. He started his own content management. His first job was running for the first six months with all this. But he left his job eventually and started his own company named Xs! corporation with his friends. It was a web portal that offered web-guided services, search engine and web directory. First seed money they got was of worth 20,000. They expanded their company with two more friends and in the gap of one year profit tuned up to 50 lakh. After some time they sold the company and distributed the money among them. Vijay utilised the money by buying a color TV, paying the debt of his family.


Towards the company which gave him his identity

Then again Vijay started a job but soon he got bored and he left the job again. But this time he has only Rs Two Lakhs with him. Along with his colleague he started ONE97 Communications Ltd.  a mobile value added service. Then 9/11 happened and business crashed. No money now, he started using public transport, two cup of tea a day. He started a job as a consultant. But again he saw an opportunity in smartphone as the popularity of smartphone was exploding. So he started Paytm, a mobile wallet launched in december 2010. And at present Paytm have 50 million consumers doing 60 million transaction in a month.


Hobbies of Vijay Shekhar Sharma are energy expanding. He loves to live a life on the theme of- Aham Brahmasmi. He never learnt to give up.

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