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Foldable iPhone design: Apple finally got awarded the patent

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The overall  framework design of the iPhone since launch of its original iPhone has not changed. But it seems now to get a change. Speculation about changes being made in upcoming iPhones has always been a trending news.

Apple recently has been awarded a patent titled- electronic devices with carbon nano tube printed circuits which indicates a foldable device design. The patent describes a conductive carbon nanotube path which enables a iPhone to be flexible and crack resistant. Patent says that glass, plastic, metal, fiber, ceramics  and composition of one or more of these material can be used for foldable smartphone.


The patent was originally filed in august 2014 which means Apple was considering it since last 2 years. There were rumors that Samsung/LG was going to come out with a foldable smartphone. But it seems that Apple will come with this sooner now.

Forbes contributor Brooke Crothers reported that Apple is expected to offer one curved OLED iPhone in 2017, more in 2018, more in 2019 and so on.  And in 2019, it is believed that 4.7 inch  foldable iPhone can be converted into an iPad mini and 5.5 inch foldable iPhone which can be a full size iPad when it is unfolded.

Timing of the launch of foldable iPhone will matter the most. Current scenario has been the most suitable time to give itself a boost to dominate the smartphone world. Apple has been waiting for a major design change to offer something really new to its customers. I personally will wait for this to be launch soon…

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