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Google Glass to help study brain diseases

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Google Glass are being used by Russian scientists to develop a new “Virtual Testing” model. This test model may help doctors to identify Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Some other brain diseases are also being identified at an early stage.

Certain brain diseases will get noticed at early stage with the help of this “Virtual Testing” model. This model may be even used to test children of five years old or elder.

Scientists used this Google Glass to study how the healthy normal people and the patients with certain diseases react to virtual reality.

During the study, Scientists/ doctors analysed the movement of participants in virtual reality. This virtual reality was provided by Google Glass Headset.

The Google Glass is an optical display in the form of eyeglasses.

The body parts evaluated in the study are Muscles, Brain and Vestibular system. The difference between the vestibular system reaction of the healthy and sick people.

Some side effects and even we can say some disastrous effects has also been analysed:

The Google Glass is an multitasking gadget and while processing for this multitasking, the brain of human being can be slowed down. This slow down of brain’s response time can cause many things.

  • A driver’s brain being slowed down by Google Glass can cause accident. A delay of few seconds in the response time of human being while driving can minimize the difference between death and life.
  • A student will be slowed down in his reaction during his study.

This technology instead has been used by many Automobile manufacturers in their vehicles by displaying speed on the windshield.

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