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Google Knows everything: What India is looking for nowadays

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Google the largest search engine of world is very much professional in business. It keeps everything under its scanner. Recent events happening in India has been taken very innovatively by Google.

Demonetization and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by the Government Of India are the issues which has been handpicked by google.


In India people are searching for the working ATM with Cash available in it. Crowd outside banks and ATM’s getting dry are the results which is coming out everyday. No one is sure if he gets money by the end of the day or not. For that Google recently has added an add on its home page for finding an ATM near you. Clicking on the add will head you to the Google map page. It will help you find ATM which can solve your cash problem without running outside physically looking for ATM.



Swachh Bharat Abhiyan:

Poor sanitation is the another major issue India is facing today. Government of the day is also trying very hard to get over it. A research shows that Nearly 70% of Indian household does not own any toilet forcing people to defecate in open.

In the mission of making India really swachh, Google by the help of Government of India has provided an option of finding a toilet near you by Google Map. This tool will available in Delhi for the first 15 days and then will move towards the other part if the country. Google map will include not only public toilets but sulabh sauchalaya, toilets at public places like hotel, malls and hospitals.

For finding the toilet nearby one has to open google map and enter keywords like toilet, swachh, sauchalaya, or lavatory. The system will rely totally on public feedback and henceforth people will be asked to rate or review the toilet.


Additionally an app on Google Play for android users is also available.

Find at-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.neologicx.toiletfinder&hl=en



At the end of this note one thing which is making me feel worried is the dependence of India on companies located outside India and Owned by outsiders. This is like giving access to someone else about a country’s personal data, locations and making people of the country to get used-to of something which is not yours. Our closest neighbour (China) actually understand this threat and has blocked entire Google Search Engine from country.

It may feel at the moment that Google is our friend but no one knows what the future brings. History takes time to repeat but it repeats, Remember East India Company. We and our government should not forget this. And on a high note what will happen to the Digital India plan if dependence over other companies do not reduces with time.

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