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Is something really wrong with apple?

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Recently Steve Blank the Silicon valley guru has questioned the vision of Apple in Business Insider and Harvard business review. One report of the Business Insider also says that people are saying Microsoft is more innovative than Apple.

After reports of Apple’s sales going down quarterly for the first time since last 13 years. The question of Apple’s losing strength over market and user base has surfaced again.


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To understand the things better we have to start from 90’s when the situation was that worse which forced Apple to borrow $150 million for investment just to stay. Tim Cook came back to the company he co-founded. The computer industry was in transitional period. Tim Cook saw this as an opportunity and the result came out. The iPhone, iTunes, iPad, iPad are the manifestation of Tim cook’s that vision.That time what worked for Apple was product innovation. Tim Cook has a vision that matched time.

Now, technological innovation is equally needed as product innovation. But Apple excels at product innovation more than technological innovation. And the present technological innovation is different that the late 90’s.

Present era is of Cloud and Cognitive Computing that requires a vigorous research effort.

Now let’s get back to the question, and the answer is, if we view this with fiscal perspective then there is everything good. But if the products of the company has to be analysed then it is not perfect. Even no one is perfect but the expectation from the darling of the tech world is much more than from others.

Apple needs to increase its pace of progress to move towards perfectness. As the other tech giants such as Microsoft, Google will not leave the competition easy. Although Apple is bigger than ever now but the talk here is about progress rate which is growing rapidly among all over the tech world. Company needs to figure out the problem and respond quickly and answer all the questions of the tech analysts out there.

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