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No fake news on social media now: Google and Facebook announced

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Internet has been a part of everyone’s life today. It affects the personal as well as social life of the person. Fake news spreading around social media and internet can cause life from a small incident to a devastating riot.

Recently effect of the fake news has reached to the U.S presidential news. Google and Microsoft are the big players of the internet world today. Anything happening over internet will certainly reach to these super players. Facebook connects billions of people on social media, and this kind of fake news things will definitely point out the finger towards the user’s privacy security.

After observing for some time the recent happenings. Google recently announced that it is going to stop its add on all those websites that are involved in the fake news things. This policy is to curtail all those fake news websites that creates panic, media wars and chaos among public at large.

Although Google is having AdSense already to tackle these things. Fake news goes viral before the media can really look into the truth.

Facebook in a statement recently has said that We will not display any add in app or websites containing content that is illegal, deceptive and misleading which includes fake news. Some rumors have spread that Facebook is having an app that can block fake news but facebook has denied it out-rightly.

We in India are also a victim of fake news spreading around. Government in India goes for blocking the internet completely when something like this occurs. This will now be a big relief for internet users in India. As the effects of internet blocking makes the life of entire population of that area really tough till government lifts the ban over internet.

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