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P C Musthafa: From a temporary daily wage worker to the CEO of Rs 100 crore company

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This is the story of a man who used to travel 4 km daily for the school. Today he has over 1,000 employees working under him.

This is the story of a man once failed in Class 6th, then joined engineering college and and finally got into Indian Institute of Management -Bangalore.

This is the story of a man once used to help his father as a daily labourer, aims to employee at least 5,000 people that too from rural India.

At today’s date his company ID Fresh has his branches in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mangaluru and even in Dubai.


He grew up in a small village Chennalode near Kalpatta in wayanad, Kerala. In the village which had only one primary school, with no electricity and roads. The high school was as far as 4 km so most of his friends dropped after primary school.
His father also was a class 4 dropout and a coolie working on a plantation. His mother was a homemaker. Musthafa used to help out his father at weekend’s as he has no interest in studies.

Musthafa has no option of opening books at night as the village has only kerosine lantern as the source of light. He was below average in all subjects except Mathematics. He failed in class 6th and lost his interest in studying further.

Here his school master saved the story by stepping in. He talked to his father and finally make him agree to give Musthafa one more chance.

For making Musthafa”s interest in studies his teacher asked him a simple question- Whom career do you want to get in your future- Your father as a daily worker or a teacher like me. Musthafa choose later one. But the journey was not as simple as we are thinking. He had to attend the class with his juniors as his classmates were promoted to the senior class.

Failure turned topper

With the active help of his teacher Mathew Sir he came first in Class 7th. He stood first in 10th in his school.

From a village to a city and then straight to USA.

Till he topped Class 10th he never stepped out of his village. His junior college days was also very interesting for us and challenging for him. His father’s friend who was well aware about the economic status of Musthafa arranged a free meal and stay at college hostel. He with other 15 students in the same situation used to go to different hostels for breakfast, lunch and dinner as they were on charity.

Environment there according to Musthafa was like other students used to stare at them as they are eating their foods. Although the experience was not so pleasant but he did manage to stay there for the sake of his studies. Musthafa was equally thankful to the management as they had done a excellent job by helping poor students like him.

He did engineering from Regional engineering college (now National school on technology). He was helped by his friend in english who used to translate everything for him. For his engineering he had a scholarship as well as a loan taken from one of the student there. He wanted to be a well known engineer.

First flight
After college he got placed at a startup based in US. For working for few days in Banglore branch of that startup he got an offer from Motorola, He accepted the offer and went to Ireland. By remembering that day when he board his first flight, he says it was dream come true for a boy who belongs to a small village. He says he will never forget the day.

After working for three months there in Ireland, He got another offer from CitiBank and went straight to Dubai. In 1996, a salary in lakhs was something really big. His father was almost in tears when he sent one lakh rupee to him.

Back to India
Since Musthafa wanted to spent time with his parents. He returned to India. Quitting the job was a tough call for the entire family. Only his wife and a cousin Naseer supported him. Here a funny thing was also as Musthafa wanted to do something but what he has no idea about. When he returned he had Rs 15 lakhs in hand.

Idli Dosa and ID Fresh

As he came back, he met with his first objective by meeting his parents every weekend. He then decided to pursue MBA as he found it attractive. He cleared CAT and got admission in to IIM Bangalore. While studying he use to discuss business with his cousins. Samsuddin; One of his cousin saw dosa batter being sold in plastic bag tied with rubber band in the stores nearby. He suggested Musthafa to sale dosa batter. He accepted the proposal and then the plan was ready.
Five of his cousin joined hands. He made an investment of Rs 25,000. The pattern of partnership was such where 50% of share was of Musthafa only. They found a small place and started with two grinder, a mixer and a single sealing machine.

ID is the Name
While discussing the name they finalised “ID” for Idli Dosa. The final name of the venture was ID Fresh. They didn’t hired anyone else the five of the cousins took the responsibility. Initially they started in a residential area but as the demand went high they moved on to industrial area. The best part of the partnership was the management between the brothers and their profession. None of them took salary initially. But they started making profit from the very first day.

In 2007 , he got his MBA degree and finally joined as CEO as in charge of marketing and finance.
In 2008, he finally invested Rs 40,00,000 (40 Lac INR) and moved to industrial area.

In 2012 they expanded their business to the other cities like Chennai, Delhi, Pune and etc. In 2013 they reached Dubai.

Rs 100 Crore Company
On october 2015 the company became Rs 100 Crore company.

Some of the best thing while noticing is that he focussed only on people from rural area to get themself working in Id fresh. Musthafa’s future plan is to make the company worth Rs 1,000 Crore company and employee at least 5,000 people.

Learnings from the story
As i observed, nothing sparking has happened to him. He just kept going and never thought to stop. It’s not always possible to get what you want. He himself suggests every aspiring entrepreneurs that when you get idea to start business start it immediately. Don’t wait for tomorrow.
According to Musthafa three things that worked for him was- Right Product, Right Time and Right Place.

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