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TED Talks : An innovative way to spread ideas through conferences

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TED is a set on conferences run by Sapling Foundation a private Non-profit organisation in America. The slogan used with TED talks is “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

TED stands for T=Technology, E= Entertainment, D=Design.

Founded in 1984, TED was initially an one-off event. It’s real journey started with annual conference series began in 1990. Early emphasis of TED was technology and design only but it broadened its ideas to Scientific, Cultural and Academic topics. They offer a wide range of topics often through storytelling. The speakers are given maximum of 18 minutes to express their ideas in the best innovative and idealistic way they can.

The current curator of the TED is former computer journalists Chris Anderson the founder of Sapling Foundation initially. He has bought TED talks from its founder Richard Saul Wurman.

The first event of TED was unsuccessful and it took them 6 years to organise the second conference.

Since June 2006, The TED talks has been offering free online view. On March 2016, 2,400 talks was available online for free of cost. In June 2011, the combined viewing online stood for over 500 million.  By November 2012, the number went up to 1 billion.

How much it cost to attend the event:

In 2006, the cost of attending the event was $4,400 per person and that too by invitation only. In January the membership model was shifted to annual membership for the fee of $6,000. The cost includes attendance of conference, networking tools, and conference DVD’s. The 2017 conference will cost $17,000 per attendee.

Programs and initiatives by TED:


TED Prize

TED Fellows


TED Translators

TED Books

TED Institutes

The agenda of TED is to make the accessibility of ideas simple and spark for the conversation. Conversation is the key solution to solve any kind of issue. From personal , to social, to professional every part of human life runs smoothly by the type of conversation quality he is having. This quality improves by the ideas and information he owns.

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