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Fake Apple charger can go more dangerous than you think

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We are very well aware about the fact that fake chargers are bad. But in the case of fake Apple charger it could harm more than you think it can.

As reality check on this concern “CSTI” , a consumer protection group have bought 400 counterfeit chargers online. Out of that 400, 397 chargers has failed even a basic safety test.

The CST further explained that it has bought that chargers from eight countries.

Before this, Apple did same test. Apple has bought several chargers marked as Apple product from Amazon. In apple case 90% of the products were fake.

You must be aware about the risk arising from the fake chargers. But most recently even your laptop can blast if you are using USB-C cables. Although in past the fake chargers has led to blast your phone and too the fires as well.

For this reason perhaps Apple is cracking down on fake products. These fake products can put life of users in danger.

We generally think that why to spend more on same thing by buying from the store, When almost same thing is available in cheaper price. But You must be aware about the fact that these cheap products are not even able to pass a basic quality test. “Prevention is better than cure”.

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