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Lessons that came silently and made a huge effect in my life

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I was 22 when a discussion was going on with my uncle about getting a degree of some course. I was confused that either i should do it or not. After trying very hard to convenience He told me  a story and in the end he said- I am nearly 45 and a degree has been a difference between a desired life and a struggling to get by.. “If you don’t do it you will still be 22, But without the degree”


Once my younger brother told me to help him learn swimming.  We went for swimming. At the poolside he was very afraid. And after repeated efforts he kept saying that i am afraid. I am afraid. A man passing but suddenly stopped and came to us seeing my brother’s situation. He came close to him and told- You are afraid it is good. But you have to learn swimming as well. So Be afraid. And do it anyway.


I was in my college days. When a friend of mine came to me and informed me about her getting married in next few months. We have our plans to spend life together. I was stunned and totally clueless about how to react. Another friend standing along with us there was well aware about the scene.  He told me very smartly- You have whole life to freak about it. Don’t do this in front of her. He explained it later that if she came to you with the decision that simply means she must had tried her best to save you from getting hurt. So it’s not always necessary to show your emotions. If you can hide this. Do it immediately. That lesson has helped me many times from then.


Days back a heated argument was on between two of my seniors. I thought to step in between as the argument was turning into something else. As i walked towards them. A hand came from my back to my shoulder with a voice- No, You don’t need to set yourself on fire always to keep others warm. My colleague save me then with his masterstroke advice. The argument ended in next few minutes and i felt like thank God.


 Last Monday i visited a hospital. While everything was good all of a sudden i heard a sound which came from a MRI machine being broken by one of the lab assistant by mistake. He was scared of getting fired. Somehow he informed the CEO of hospital about the incident. CEO came and told other staff after a minute that he has ordered a new machine. The lab assistant was still scared. He was expecting that the CEO will come to him next and inform him about his removal. But nothing like that happened. The CEO left the place and  start walking towards his cabin. Lab technician followed him and asked- sir  am i fired? CEO smiled and said- No way, I just spent 2,00,000 teaching you a lesson. Why will i fire you then? Do i look like mad to you?

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