Home Lifestyle Not comfortable saying no to money request from your friend: 6 ways to turn down the request in a dignified way.

Not comfortable saying no to money request from your friend: 6 ways to turn down the request in a dignified way.

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During my childhood i used to listen that If you want to take any relation in your life for so long, Keep the money matters very clear. This is a very common occurrence in our friend list when a very close friend of your asks you for money. After taking the money they tend to forget it. This becomes a matter of tension sometimes as well and ends up breaking the closest relationship.

You also must have came across many people in life whom are very good at remembering to take the money at the same time they become bad to remember that they had to return the same.

  1. Keep it short- The request conversation.

When it comes uninvited, You find yourself into the conversation without getting any time to prepare. While the conversation is on keep one thing in mind longer the conversation will go, your chances of getting trapped will increase. So try to keep the conversation as short as possible. Don’t give your lending hand to them unintentionally.  You can simply end the conversation with sentences like- Sorry i dont have the amount you are asking for or a simple No.

2- Be polite

Keep one thing in mind, he is your friend. Don’t make him/her feel bad. Keep holding the key in your hand till the end of the conversation. Make him believe that you are still a friend to him and the money can never be a wall between you both.

3- Ask for time to decide

When you feels that he will trap you. Ask simply for time to decide and come back with the better delivery to clean bold him. Prepare before getting back to him carefully. Don’t be in hurry. Be confident first then make him believe eventually that you are not lying.

4- Offer advice

After listening no anyone will feel bad. Keep your advise at frontfoot when you see that he is getting emotional or trying to make you emotional. Be a complete man that time like you have solution to every problem in world only the money you don’t have.

5-  Don’t disclose your financial details everywhere

Many people have a habit of sharing their financial details everywhere. Like they have paid so much amount as income tax, they have just bought a costly car or any other thing. This will create your image as “Dhankuber”. Simply means that you always carry money and you can help them anytime anywhere.

6- Switch between your professional and personal response immediately

You have to be responsive as per the demand. Keep the personal touch while you are with your dear ones. And be professional when you need to be professional. This will save you eventually from getting trapped.

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