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PayPal has filed complaint against Paytm for using similar logo

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PayPal a globally recognized online payment system has filed a complaint against Paytm a India based payment system. The complaint has filed to the Indian authorities.

The notice filed by PayPal says that Paytm is using the two tone blue color scheme in its logo similar to PayPal logo. PayPal has requested the Indian authorities to refuse the application of trademark for Paytm on the grounds of deceiving its users by using the same logo as an other established company is using since 1991.

The significant oppose came at very crucial time when the Paytm is leading the market in digital payment after demonetization.

Anything can not be said for sure until the truth comes out. As it could also be a strategy by PayPal to hamper the efforts of Paytm which is running very high after demonetization. Lets wait for the judgement to take any stand on the issue.

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