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Samsung will be the top supplier for Apple’s iPhone in 2017

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Samsung used to be Apple’s top supplier from very beginning for supplying DRAM Memory Chips, NAND Flash and making A Series Processors. But when Apple sued Samsung in 2011, coincidentally it had to be the same year in which Samsung has limited its supply to Apple. The south Korean giant now supplies only DRAM chips for iPhone 7.

The coincident seems to be repeating when the trail has resulted into favor of Samsung last week, it is again going to be the top supplier for iPhone in 2017. Other than DRAM memory chips and NAND flash, Samsung is very close to add a new item in its supply box- The OLED display for at least one iPhone next year.

OLED display

Apple is finally supposed to adopt OLED panels next year in the new iPhone to make it more curve and Samsung can be the sole supplier for OLED display. Currently in the OLED market Samsung is the single company to mass produce it and is at no 1 in OLED market.

Memory Chips

Samsung is the largest supplier of NAND memory with more than 1 third of global market share.

A Series chips

Contract chip manufacturing is the only field where Samsung is facing competition and that too a tough competition.

Samsung has huge facilities that makes more of the components than its own handset. It needs larger component buyer like Apple. On the other hand Apple depends on different sources but it also needs a reliable supplier. Eventually despite the tough rivalry and legal battles, the top two giants need each other.

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