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Expense Manager- An app to save you from crossing the expense limit anytime anywhere.

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CV Infotech introduces this time “The expense manager” on Playstore. Although you will find a large number of apps on Playstore with the same name, You may wonder what’s new from CV Infotech?

The app we are introducing has many features which makes it different from the rest.

I am here taking pleasure to introducing the app which a clear elaboration about the features and the usage.


Expense Manager features and their usage:

* Track expense on Weekly, Monthly, and yearly basis: Tracking expenses necessary because there are multiple expenses you make weekly, monthly and on yearly basis. You need it because until you have got some treasure you need to manage your budget as per your income and requirements.

* Add multiple accounts: You make your expense in very diverse way so for making them arrange you need to keep the similar expenses under a single account. Categorize your account like Office, personal and home etc.


*Expense category in every account: Categorize your expenses under the account by the name like Bar, Coffee, transport etc.

* Add transaction detail: Add the detail of every transaction like the purpose of the expense and  amount.  You can keep the snap of receipt saved in app as well.

* No need of internet: The app works without the internet as well. So you don’t need to be dependent on internet for making the use of Expense Manager.

* Set your Budget before making any expense: For making the expenses with a fixed budget, set your budget first and then start making expense out of that budget.

* Summary of multiple accounts and report analysis: At the dashboard of the app itself you can get the summary of the accounts and the expenses you have made so far and then go to the report analysis for having the complete idea about what and how much you have spent in that time period.


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