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Smart File Manager: A personal File Manager in your Smart phone by CV Infotech

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New Delhi, India., May 30, 2017- The creators of Smart File Manager; Akash Singh(CV Infotech) and Gulshan Singh(CV Infotech), believe that Mobile technology has power to make a huge impact on everyone’s personal as well as professional life today. The app enables users to manage number of files in a single go irrespective of place, availability of internet and many more like that. The app is available today for Android, In the very short span of time app has gathered a large, efficient following with almost over ten thousand users.

With Smart File Manager, You can experience a personal manager that will manage your files exactly on your terms,” explained Gulshan. The app introduces a powerful file management where you are given multiple options like open, search, compress, bookmark, organise, transfer and many such similar file operation functions. Our hope is that all users are able to manage their files in such a way which makes the app an important part of user’s life.

Smart File Manager is effortlessly simple, distinguished UI and elegant design. First, User can access, manage and share their files on mobile as well as on their PC. User can have a quick overview of all the happened actions on dashboard. If he wish to do anything after having an overview, Smart navigation helps and coordinate with him very well. It helps you to get rid of time consuming operation by moving them in background. It supports all the available cloud storage options.

Currently, CV Inotech founders are focusing their marketing efforts globally because today the whole world is hot bed of edge app development. In the near future, They plan to expand to other applications as well because they are well aware about the importance a mobile applications hold in today’s life. Smart File Manager team also has other products in the works that will firm up the company’s position in the mobile and Web Application development space.

“Mobile and information technology continue to make the word a smaller and more interactive place,” concluded Gulshan. We believe that Smart File Manager can be an important tool for everyone who wants to lead in their life, Keep growing as per Akash.

About CV Infotech

CV Infotech founded by a young entrepreneur Akash Singh in the year 2012 is India’s leading Web and App development company. The company is based in New Delhi, India. The Smart File Manager is currently CV Infotech’s one of the main project.

Contact: Akash Singh

Email- akash@cvinfotech.com

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App’s Website: http://filemanager.cvinfotech.com/

Get the App on Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cvinfo.filemanager

CV Infotech: http://cvinfotech.com/

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